mé·tisse noun \māˈtēs\
(from the Latin mixtus or mixtīcius, "mixed")
1. The mixture of distinct elements
2. A person born to parents who belong to different races or groups defined by visible physical differences
3. Laura Munich, a Philadelphia-based arts producer and musician
4. All of the above
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Picasso on Matisse and how creativity works:

Matisse does a drawing, then he recopies it. He recopies it five times, ten times, each time with cleaner lines. He is persuaded that the last one, the most spare, is the best, the purest, the definitive one; and yet, usually it’s the first. When it comes to drawing, nothing is better than the first sketch.

Above, MoMA curators used X-ray technology to reveal the many iterations behind Henri Matisse’s painting ‘Bathers by a River,’ on which the painter worked for eight years between 1909 and 1917.

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Jeter d’hirondelle by Wootzoo on Flickr.

Jeter d’hirondelle

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Does it come in gluten-free? ;)


Tonight’s the last night to catch this fun and fabulous show. Hurry!

"Where’s jazz going? I don’t know? Maybe it’s going to hell. You can’t make anything go anywhere. It just happens." —Thelonious Sphere Monk

Well You Needn’t, recorded on this date in 1947 with Art Blakey and Gene Ramey in Monk’s first trio session.